Nominations and self-nominations are accepted for this award.

The Adamawa Celebrities & Achievers Awards 2019 recognizes an individual, brands, institutions or organizations for an extraordinary contribution in the area of community improvement or social justice during the past year or years of service.

Nominees for this awards should meet at least three or more of the following criteria:

  • Establishing a tangible legacy that embodies the difference/contribution being recognized.
  • Promoting equal opportunity in the greater North, Central & Southern Regions of Adamawa State.
  • Establishing cooperative working relationships with other groups for the betterment of community life.
  • Working to bring about improved interpersonal and/or inter-group relations.
  • Inspiring others to participate or contribute to ongoing efforts in any of the above areas.
  • Demonstrating an appreciation for the gifts and voices of a diverse community and including these voices in ongoing efforts.


Nominations are due by February. 25, 2019 for the April 2019 award.

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