About us


Since the creation of the Adamawa Celebrities brand, the team developed numerous empowerment programs that trained, empowered and restructured the online publishing business, content development, promotions, digital marketing and advertising among our youths in the state.


Our first event in the state was the first edition of the Adamawa Entertainment Awards events in the year 2015, which was ably graced by hundreds of youths, Honorable Commissioners, Members of the State House of Assembly and Other respected dignitaries of the society. In the same year we were able to train 10 young men in the blogging business in Adamawa.


In 2016, we held the second edition of the awards which we introduced the society achievement categories which gave room to appreciate other sectors rather than just the creative and entertainment sector. Due to restructuring and improving the standard of the event, we couldn’t hold the 2017 edition but upgraded it to 2018 on march 3rd to be precise.


In the 2018, we introduced the Face of Adamawa Celebrities; an online beauty contest designed to empower women and youths. Which through that particular office we tend to be channeling some generated funds to organize trainings, educational programs, reaching out to young people in secondary schools from localities affected by poor administration or the effect of insurgency.


Currently we are planning on a new project entitled “Educate One Educate All” in which we intend to train and empower one hundred and five (105) women from all the 21 Local Government of the State with at least four (4) people to represent a local government.

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